UnderDog Rescue of Florida is a Non Profit 501(c)3 Organization.

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER rescue. CLICK HERE to read more about UnderDog Rescue of Florida.

Every cent donated toward these needy dogs will help to pay their vet bills. We do not have a shelter. All UnderDogs are living in various foster homes from Tampa to Naples.

Please click the PayPal button to donate or mail to:
UnderDog Rescue of Florida
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Our Next Adoption Event is Sniglet's on Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our next event will be held at Sniglet's Dog Bakery ,on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm .

Their address is 2827 University Parkway, Sarasota, FL, 34243.

CLICK HERE for a map.

Sniglet's Bakery is located in the plaza on the NE corner of University Parkway and No. Tuttle in Sarasota. There will be several UnderDogs on hand who are eager to meet you!

For an opportunity to be "pre-approved", please fill out an online application now. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Please keep an open mind and consider your lifestyle both today and 10 years from now before you apply for a dog that may not be a good fit for the long run.

We often receive multiple applications for the various dogs. When you are pre-approved it does not necessarily mean that you are pre-approved for the specific dog that you are applied for. Decisions of our rescued dogs' placements must be made based on the applicant we believe will be the best long-term fit for each dog.

Donation From Enterprise Car Rentals

We were blessed to have Michael and Polly adopt one of our rescue dogs (Miss Beans-featured here!) and they have not forgotten our organization. Michael nominated UnderDog Rescue to receive a grant from his company, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and they gave us the grant!

$1500 certainly goes a long way towards helping our furry friends.

Thank you Michael, Polly and Enterprise for your continued support. We appreciate it so much!

Al and Elaine's Legacy Golf Tournament

Please save the date: Friday April 25, 2014 and join us at Stoneybrook Golf Club to support Almost Home Dog Rescue, the Humane Society of Manatee County, and UnderDog Rescue of Florida.

CLICK HERE to view the flyer

NADIA: A Story Of Hope

Like so many rescued dogs, much of NADIA's story is a mystery. But in this little girl's case, we do know a few of her story's details...

In September of 2012, NADIA crawled under a wooden porch and gave birth to 10 (that's right - TEN!) puppies. Soon thereafter, Manatee County Animal Services was called to remove her and her litter. Terrified, she refused to be coaxed out. She desperately tried to protect her little ones until they pried up a board and used a snare to remove them all. They were taken to Animal Services, who then contacted a rescue to take them, which they did.

This is where there is supposed to be a happy ending. Unfortunately, NOT. The "rescue" that took her and her puppies was Napier's Log Cabin Horse & Animal Sanctuary.

Now fast forward to Feb.5, 2014. Manatee County Sheriff's Office conducted a raid of Napier's and over 300 animals were confiscated. Sparing the gruesome details, suffice it to say that the conditions of the animals and their living environments were horrendous. For more details, CLICK HERE for the YouTube video of the raid.

NADIA had been there for 16 MONTHS!! Based on her behaviors, it appears that she lived outside with lots of other dogs and had little interaction with people.

A few days after the raid, Julia, co-founder of UnderDog Rescue of Florida (who also volunteers at Manatee County Animal Services), noticed a fuzzy dog cowering in one of the crowded kennels. This dog, she was told, was so terrified during the raid they had to sedate her. As luck would have it, Julia has a soft spot for scared, little dogs. She named her NADIA - Russian for "hope" (the Olympics were then in progress) and took her home.

NADIA is well-socialized with other dogs and respects the cats in her foster home. She blissfully lounges away the day on Julia's bed. She's learning to trust, shares affection with Julia, and is even getting more comfortable around Julia's husband. She is very quiet except for a few barks when someone comes home. NADIA is a work in progress, but has already come leaps and bounds in the short time she's been an "UnderDog". She's ready to finally find someone willing to complete her journey of fulfilling her potential to be an amazing "comrade".

We think NADIA is a Australian Cattle Dog, mixed with a Spitz-type breed. She weighs 27 lbs., her fur is medium length and she has a cute marking on her snout that reminds us of Cindy Crawford's mole. She also has a unique oval purple spot on her tongue.

As with her past, we don't know what her future will bring, except that she will be blessed with a wonderful forever home. If you think yours might be that home, please fill out an application. NADIA "hopes" to be with her new family soon!

Happy Tails for GIGI

GIGI the Poodle is a sassy little 13 year-old senior. She has a sad story: her owner passed away and their adult children didn't want her. GIGI lost the only person that loved her and was heartbroken.

Now GIGI has found a wonderful home.

Here she is snuglging wiht her Mommy, Chrissie, and her new Yorkie sister, Pammy. The girls were out to dinner and they got chilly so Chrissie bundled them up!


JIMMY is a small, 8 pound, 4 year-old, Shih Tzu. He arrived in a high kill shelter with an eye injury and his eye needed to be removed.

He has had surgery and is recovering in a foster home.

JIMMY is sweet, friendly, extremely well-mannered and loves people. He gets along with other dogs, but is not ready for adoption until his eye heals.

JIMMY is a very, very sweet boy and will make an extraordinary addition to any family. He will be ready for adoption at our April 5th adoption event.

Happy Tails for CAESAR

CAESAR and his brother, Julius, came to Underdog Rescue over a year ago. Unfortunately, they were used for breeding & spent a lot of time alone in their cages over the years. Once they were surrendered to Underdog, the two brothers fought constantly in foster care! The decision was made to split them up & Julius was soon adopted.

CAESAR wasn't as lucky. It seemed potential adopters wanted smaller & younger poodles. His Foster Mom was distraught that he was being passed over. He was so loyal, handsome & smart!

Well, a year later, CAESAR's lucky day came. CAESAR is now living the good life and is always on the go. He walks his island three times a day, hangs out on the dock, visits the local restaurants on a regular basis and just went on a road trip to Boca Raton.

The look in CAESAR's soulful eyes tells his foster mom that CAESAR is finally home on Siesta Key with his furever parents, Lee & Veronica! Thank you for seeing what Underdog Rescue saw in precious CAESAR!

Happy Tails For GINA

GINA came to UnderDog after she was hit by a car in south Florida.

Poor GINA was covered with road rash, and after being examined and X-rayed, we learned that she had several fractures, lacerations and painful skin injuries.

GINA made a full recovery, has found her furever home, and blossomed into a very gorgeous, little lady!


UPDATE: BUTTONS was adopted into a home with two other senior Shih Tzus and is very happy!
Here is a story that exemplifies what your donations can do to save a life:

BUTTONS (as in, "cute as a button") and his brother, Tiger, were rescued the first week of December from an elderly man who suffers from dementia.

BUTTONS had severe, painful infections on his body, head, and around one eye which weren't healing with standard treatment. After a month, it was determined that he had MRSA, an aggressive form of staph that doesn't respond to most antibiotics.

So on Jan. 7th, poor little BUTTONS underwent surgery to remove the open, infected areas on his head/eye and huge "boil" of infection on his side. After a regimen of strong antibiotics, then steroids, BUTTONS has now healed remarkably well and is basically cured (although it's expected that continuing a low dose of Prednisone for the rest of his life will be required to keep the staph from returning).

His vet at Ranch Animal Hospital is thrilled with his recovery!

This is what we do with your greatly-appreciated donations; thank you so much for your support!

BUTTONS is 9 yrs. old, 9-1/2 lbs., and very playful. He gets along well with other dogs, gleefully greets guests, flips over for tummy rubs and absolutely LOVES going out for short walks.

He really is a terrific little guy who deserves to be loved and cared for like the adorable, well-mannered, little cutie-pie that he is.

SEAL PUP is still recovering

UnderDog just rescued another abused dog from the Miami shelter - this time (judging by the X-rays) a little girl who has been severely thrown or kicked, resulting in a broken leg. She is a beautiful Shih Tzu, only about 4 yrs. old.

WHO DOES THIS TO INNOCENT, LITTLE DOGS? She is being transported today (2/8) to Sarasota where she will be placed on pain meds in a quiet foster home until she can get vet treatment on Monday.

UPDATE: SEAL PUP had severe inflammation and so far she has regained 50 percent of the use of her back legs and she has improved bladder and bowel control. She is not ready for adoption at this time.


SCRUFFY was rescued from a kill shelter where he was awaiting euthanasia when his stray hold was up. He was so matted he could hardly stand or walk! He just laid on the ground and trembled.

SCRUFFY is just a pup; less than two years old, with gorgeous white teeth, and a sweet temperament. With the help of fellow rescuers, Cindy(UnderDog groomer) and Andrea, SCRUFFY was transported to one of our UnderDog vets.

One can only imagine the suffering SCRUFFY has endured. He is exhausted, and still doesn't want to walk. So, for now, he just needs to rest and feel safe. His new journey is only beginning.

SCRUFFY spent the day at the vet's office. He was sedated, shaved, neutered, and his ears were cleaned. Our vet sent us home with a bag containing some of his matting which consisted of barb wire that was wrapped inside his coat!

UPDATE: SCRUFFY attended our monthly adoption event Feb 1st. He was the hit of the event. He is starting to wag his tail. SCRUFFY has been through so much and deserves the best home ever!
If you would be interested in helping us transport rescued dogs from nearby areas, please let us know.

EVE: Rescued Off The Street

EVE is a female, Puggle mix, weighing about 18 pounds. Living alone on the streets of Miami for several months, she had no home, so people were just leaving food out for her. She even had a litter of puppies (which were taken by nearby families), but EVE was always left behind... alone... again.

When several nice people put out a plea for a rescue group to catch EVE and keep her safe, UnderDog answered the call. EVE is now groomed, fully vetted, and living in a foster home while awaiting adoption. She is good with other dogs and cats, is quiet, calm and well mannered. She is (understandably) a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly and is so grateful for loving attention.

Will someone give this deserving little girl a chance for a wonderful life in a REAL home? It's her time!

Dear UnderDog Family, Friends, Adopters and Supporters,

For over ten years, UnderDog has been an active rescue supporting not only our local community, but high kill shelters state-wide. We have a stellar reputation for doing what's right, taking good care of our animals and following a strict, safe adoption process to ensure they go into loving, stable homes. Our volunteers are selfless, kind people who work tirelessly, giving of their own time and money to foster, transport, groom, complete home visits and facilitate adoptions. We give of ourselves to make a positive difference in the lives of unwanted pets.

Each year, we accept hundreds of neglected, abused and/or heart-worm positive dogs. We are an all-volunteer organization, opening our hearts and homes to animals, who in some cases, have been literally tossed out to die.

As a volunteer organization, we have minimal administrative costs; expenditures are primarily for the medical care of our animals, which average $7,000 monthly. We operate solely by donations and adoption fees. Often, those fees don't adequately cover the medical needs of the dogs. Many arrive with severe skin, eye and ear infections due to injury and neglect. During 2013, we rescued numerous dogs from kill shelters who had been thrown from or hit by cars. We accepted these dogs knowing the additional medical costs, but we were their only hope for survival.

Out of respect, UnderDog rarely solicits financial support; at this time last year we were financially secure, but this year we need help. Several of you donate throughout the year, and we greatly appreciate your ongoing support. We work hard to operate in a professional, proficient, cost-effective manner.

Shona Otto, our founder/president, made a $15,000 payment for veterinary expenses this month alone. Those monies provided care and saved the lives of MANY helpless dogs who are now safely in loving homes. Without UnderDog Rescue, they could have died lonely deaths in kill shelters or on roadsides. They deserved better and UnderDog worked hard to make it happen. If you are an UnderDog adopter, the pet you love so much might not be alive today had it not been for UnderDog Rescue. WE TRULY ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Here are some 2013 success stories:

GRACIE arrived from a Gainesville kill shelter. She was found in their drop box with terrible acid burns on her head and back.

UnderDog nursed her back to health and she is happy in her forever home. Here are some before and after pictures of GRACIE, who loves her mommy and has been renamed JADE.

SPROUT, a sweet, young Brussels, was surrendered to Animal Welfare League in Port Charlotte. She suffered severe hip and leg injuries when hit by a car.

Despite 2 surgeries, a rear leg had to be amputated. She has been adopted into a terrific, loving home.

You may recall the story of YOGI, the Shih Tzu found in a Miami canal after being hit by a car. He had a fractured pelvis and broken jaw.

He could not walk, eat or even close his mouth. YOGI is now happy, healthy, and living with his adoring adopter.

Remember SHINE? She came from a Miami kill shelter after being attacked.

She had a fractured pelvis and open wounds on her head and ears that were infested with maggots. Today, SUNSHINE and her Sarasota mommy are living the good life.

And CHIP, from Miami, was emaciated and needed 2 blood tranfusions to be saved.

He also has a great, new home.

LUCY had serious skin and mouth infections.

Her new family and Shih Tzu sister are enjoying their first holiday together in their Sarasota home.

At this time, UnderDog's financial status is critical. In the past, we averaged 56 dogs in our rescue, but recently our numbers increased to 120. We always try so hard to help the needy, and feel so bad when we have to say, "We are full" while knowing it's not the dogs' fault. Please help us help them.

We are a charitable, nonprofit organization with a 501(c)3 exemption. Your donation is tax deductible and goes directly to the medical cost and care for our rescued dogs. We would not be asking for help at this time unless we truly needed your support.

Thank you, and please know how much your support means to our UnderDog team. We truly appreciate all that you do.

Thank you so very much,
Your UnderDog team,
UnderDog Rescue of Florida.

How Our Adoption Process Works.....

We are a Florida rescue and only adopt within the state. Applicants are subject to home visits, and veterinary references (please include phone number) will be checked. If you are browsing our dogs on Petfinder, and reading the bios, you will see a contact e-mail (usually the foster home) when you click to enlarge the photos. Feel free to e-mail the foster family with any questions about the dog.

We rescue our dogs for life. Once an UnderDog, always an UnderDog. If, for any reason, challenges arise do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help. If you cannot keep your adopted UnderDog, we will take the dog back until a new home can be found. Try to give us as much notice as possible. We understand that life is unpredictable, and we will always accept a returned UnderDog, or help you through a temporary situation so that you can keep him/her.

Keep in mind that we are an 'all volunteer' organization. We all have jobs, families, our own pets, and foster dogs. We are also busy working out details with various shelters and other rescue groups, and transporting dogs from the shelters. Often times we have to drive to shelters for emergency situations to save injured dogs that must be picked up immediately or they will be destroyed. Unfortunately emergency situations must take precedence over the application process. We ask for your understanding and patience when we are unable to return your calls or e-mails immediately.

Please spay and neuter your pets. Read Common Myths and Facts About Spay/Neuter, from the Humane Society of the United States.

About UnderDog

The majority of our dogs were scheduled for euthanasia at kill shelters throughout Florida. We are an 'all volunteer' organization. We do not have a shelter or a paid staff. We collect adoption fees to pay our vet bills. This includes shelter fees, medications, spay/neuter, all shots, heartworm testing and treatment, monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, microchips, dentals, surgeries, skin treatments, setting broken bones, or any other health care deemed necessary by our vets. Our vets offer reduced charges so that we can keep our adoption fees reasonable, but their services are not free. We often rely on extra donations to pay expenses when the cost of care exceeds a realistic adoption fee.

We are an 'all volunteer' rescue. None of our volunteers or officers collects a wage or salary. Every cent donated toward these needy dogs will help to pay their vet bills.